CALSEAGROW, functional ingredient for layers and breeders, natural performance enhancer

CALSEAGROW is the functional ingredient for layers and breeders, with a proven efficiency.

Natural source of a multiple antioxidants and a differentiating prebiotic, CALSEAGROW optimizes the zootechnical performance of laying hens and reproductive hens, reduces the impact of oxidative stress and improves eggs and hatching eggs quality.

Its innovative macro-granulated form gives an homogeneous product which facilitates its use (1 kg/t) in traditional farming and in organic farming.


Resulting from a synergy between a plant extract and a slowly calcified and naturally microporous algae, our functional ingredient for layers and breeders is a natural solution for the intestinal balance and antioxidant reserve . Indeed, the intestinal microbiota is a complex and diversified microorganism network that interacts with each other. It plays an important role in digestion. Antioxidants are the first defense against free radicals by protecting cells from oxidative stress.

Throughout its production cycle, laying hen is exposed to different sources of physiological, environmental or nutritional stress. To defend itself, laying hens have endogenous or exogenous antioxidants (obtained through feed). Strong correlations have been demonstrated between different metabolic or inflammatory issues and an antioxidant deficit. This deficit, called oxidative stress, is associated with an increase in oxidative phenomena (lipid peroxidation, oxidation of proteins…) inducing a weakening of the intestinal mucosa, an alteration of the intestinal microbiota balance and a degradation of eggs quality.

How to multiply your chances and get better prepared for stresses ?

Thanks to a good conduct from the breeding (food quality, aeration …) and thanks to intakes (prebiotic, antioxidant, minerals …) that will “boost” the microbiota and maximize the response to oxidative stress. Our functional ingredient for layers and breeders, CALSEAGROW, allows a better antioxidant reserve, a well-balanced intestinal microbiota and an enhancement of performances (Egg Production, FCR, Egg Quality).


Tested in vitro and in vivo , CALSEAGROW confirmed its efficiency in different conditions.

Experimental and commercial trials were conducted on layers and breeders throughout their 10-20 last weeks of production cycle.

Main goal: follow the effect of this layers/breeders functional ingredient on zootechnical performance and Egg Quality. Analyses demonstrated a highly significative improvement of the egg Production, FCR and Egg Quality for both total and hatching eggs.


Especially made for broiler feed manufacturers, CALSEAGROW results from PHOSPHEA’s industrial know-how.

This functional ingredient for layers and breeders is available in a micro-granulated form. An innovation that ensures an unequal homogeneity of the product and that limits the risks of clogging and dust.

CALSEAGROW is easy to incorporate (1 kg/t) and offers a great resistance to granulation processes and high temperatures.

Thanks to its 60 years’ experience in marine products, PHOSPHEA only selects what the nature has best to offer.

CALSEAGROW is then usable in organic farming for competitive results, in respect of the human being, the animal welfare and the environment.


This functional ingredient is used on layers and breeders in order to lead them further in their production by ensuring better Egg Quality and better zootechnical results (Egg Production and FCR).



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