HumIPHORA, is a breakthrough innovation in the phosphate world

This new and patented organic-mineral complex is the result of 6 years of R&D to develop a unique feed material that meets broiler market needs.

HumIPHORA joins Phosphea’s EVOLUTION range as calcium humophosphate and is listed at the European Animal Feed Register (008979‐EN).

For the first time on the market, Phosphea offers a phosphate that provides high quality phosphorus and contributes to a better use of other nutrients, more specifically plant‐based phosphorus. HumIPHORA reduces the incorporation of phosphate in formulas compared to conventional sources on the market.

4 trials carried out in France and the Netherlands attest to the effectiveness of HumIPHORA

To validate the above hypothesis, Phosphea carried out 4 trials between 2019 and 2021. With HumIPHORA, the incorporation of phosphate was reduced in the feed, with or without phytase. These studies showed on the one hand that the calcium-phosphorus status of broilers and layers was preserved, confirming that the animals did not lack phosphorus despite the decrease in incorporation.

On the other hand, a stability, or even an improvement in the feed conversion ratio of 1% was observed on broilers in 3 trials.

Meanwhile, a decrease in phosphorus discharge into litter was measured between -14% and -21% in 2 trials.

This confirms that there has been a maximization of the plant-based phosphorus use. Finally, an in vitro test was carried out at the Centre Mondial de l’Innovation of the Groupe Roullier, showing an improvement in the adsorption of different mycotoxins with HumIPHORA treatment. This validates the chelation properties of calcium humophosphate. 

HumIPHORA, an optimized feed material

HumIPHORA provides 21.6% of phosphorus and 15% of calcium.

Based on the studies carried out and on the current state of knowledge, Phosphea therefore recommends a 15% reduction in incorporation with the use of HumIPHORA in feed formulation compared to an MCP in broiler. 

HumIPHORA, responds to future market trends and development in poultry market

With HumIPHORA, Phosphea contributes to meet broiler industry expectation such as production cost optimization, animal wellfare, environmental issues and precision nutrition. 



For more information, read the press release.