Inorganic Feed Phosphates

IFP group develops a coordinated approach to promote the use, the quality, the bioavailability of inorganic feed phosphates and to follow up trade, scientific research, legislation, technical and environmental issues.

The Quality Feed Phosphate (QFP) scheme from IFP has been created in 2004. It not only certifies that products have stable and accurate chemical properties, but also that concentrations of heavy metals are controlled and in line with legislation.


European Manufacturers of Feed Minerals Association

EMFEMA is an international non-profit association grouping EU-located producers of macro minerals, trace element compounds and specific minerals for use in animal nutrition.

In cooperation with other professional organizations from the animal feed sector and the EU authorities, EMFEMA works for a continuous improvement of quality, safety and efficacy in animal feeding. EMFEMA offers to members information and service in all questions concerning feed legislation, technical developments, quality standards and related issues.


Blocs push


Phosphea announces the launch of HumIPHORA, a breakthrough innovation in the phosphate world.

For more information, read the press release.