The well adjusted phosphorus and magnesium association in one granule

MAG26 has been developed to meet the specific needs of ruminants. Manufactured in our Saint-Malo plant (France), it brings a highly absorbable phosphorus and magnesium.

Its high buffering capacity helps stabilizing the pH of acidogenic diets. Available in granules and mini-granules, MAG26 offers excellent mixing properties making it a relevant ingredient for premix and minerals.

MAG26 values

phosphorus content
magnesium content


Didactics Decreasing the risk of having hypocalcemia
Decreasing the risk of having hypocalcemia

Cattle, sheep and goat need phosphorus and magnesium supplements before parturition. However, in order to avoid hypocalcemia, calcium intake needs to be strictly controlled. With a low calcium content, MAG26 is the solution to cover animals’ requirements.


Phosphea announces the launch of HumIPHORA, a breakthrough innovation in the phosphate world.

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