Focused expertise for feed excellence

Phosphea offers excellence in phosphates for animal feed thanks to the expertise of our team of animal nutrition specialists.

Each of our experts is based in a different region of the world, so they can focus on the specific needs of that region and of each customer. They are highly skilled in developing and testing the right solutions for each species: layers, breeders, broilers, pigs, ruminants but also aqua, equines and pets.

Innovating as part of an international Group

Phosphea’s own expertise is further strengthened by its close collaboration with the Roullier’s Group Global Innovation Center.

Based in St Malo (France), the Center houses a cutting edge animal nutrition laboratory. As a new Research & Development pillar for both Phosphea and the Group, it will play a key role in Phosphea’s continuous development of innovative solutions.

High-level scientific partnerships

Across the world, Phosphea partners with leading universities and research institutes to test its products in highly controlled conditions. Recent work has included trials on the digestibility of phosphates in pigs with the University of Sao Paulo (Brazil), trials on pigs and poultry with France’s INRA and a trial on fish at the Aqua University in Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam).

Involving highly qualified teams, the results of these in vivo trials are published in prestigious scientific journals. They provide relevant information to fully optimize our phosphates, enhancing feed efficiency.


Technical Manager Animal Nutrition
"The combination of our international team of animal nutrition experts and the innovation strength of the Global Innovation Center helps make Phosphea...
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"The combination of our international team of animal nutrition experts and the innovation strength of the Global Innovation Center helps make Phosphea an ever-developing company which adapts to the needs of our markets."

Key Figures

of an animal’s weight is made up of phosphorus
of that present in skeleton or shell


Didactics Phosphorus versus phosphates
Phosphorus versus phosphates

Phosphorus is a chemical element (P) that plays a key role in animals’ organisms: skeletal solidity, growth, strong shells, reproduction…
Phosphate is the ore containing phosphorus and also calcium, magnesium and/or sodium, depending on the raw material.
So that its phosphorus can be absorbed, a feed phosphate needs to be solubilised. At Phosphea, we therefore carefully control the Phosphorus citric acid solubility of all our products.

PHOSPHEA is announcing the integration of the Nuwen animal nutrition activities.
This new organisation reinforces the offer of nutritional solutions based on macro-minerals to meet the needs of all players in the sector.
For more information, check out the press release.