Salt, an essential ingredient in feed that brings Na and Cl

Na represents 0.13% of body weight and play a major role in fluid balance, nerve transmission, genesis of muscle action potential and nutrient absorption.

Na is located in different compartments such as bones (50%), intracellular fluids (10%) and extracellular fluids (40%).


Besides its Na and Cl intake, salt plays a role in feed palatability.

A minimum intake in the diet is recommended to keep its function.


There is 3 types for salt production:
• Salt from the sea (seawater evaporation through wind and heat from the sun)
• Rock salt (mechanical extraction)
• Salt vaccum (salt from very great depth, extracted through drilling)

Salt name comes from the Latin word « salarium ». He initially designated the salt ration provided to Roman soldiers. Then money given to buy salt or other foodstuff. At that time, salt was used as a preservative and was known as exchange money for trade.

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