Our environmental solutions know-how

Environmental solutions combine water treatment and industry. Sensitive to environmental issues, Phosphea offers a wide range of products adapted to your needs.

Water treatment

Our products dedicated to the treatment of water aim to provide innovative solutions of natural origin to companies, communities, wastewater treatment plants.

Our products are used for the treatment of swimming pools or intended water for human consumption as a softener or pH stabilizer.

Other applications: Saltwell® & Salt

Salt is an essential ingredient for all sectors of the food industry owing to its preservative or flavor enhancer effect. Phosphea offers two differents salt, including Saltwell a mineral complex with naturally reduced sodium.

Timalite Premium

TIMALITE Premium is marine limestone used for the treatment of water intended for human consumption.
-> pH neutralization / 100% natural



100% natural product, TIMALITE Premium is made from lithothamnium (/i>Lithothamnium calcareum), a fossilized calcareous seaweed. From European sources and processed in France, TIMALITE Premium complies with standard NF EN 1018.


TIMALITE Premium corrects and stabilizes the pH of aggressive water by neutralizing free CO2. Easy to use, TIMALITE Premium can be used in open or closed filters. The water is remineralized by dissolving calcium and magnesium ions, without the addition of chemicals.

H2O Clean tablet salt

H2O Clean tablets are made using vacuum salt.

-> Tablets are used to: Treat swimming pool water / As a water softener


H2O Clean allows a 100% natural swimming pool treatment, with the guarantee to have a perfectly treated and healthy water.

H2O Clean tablets also make it possible to obtain a perfectly softened water, protection for you water softeners and the guarantee of a really pure salt without any additives.

H2O Clean has an optimal dissolution rate: 120 minutes to reach a maximum density of 1200 kg/m3.

H2O Clean also complies with three European standards:

• EN 16401: use for swimming pools electrolysis
• EN 973: use in water softening
• EN 14805: use in water treatment, a very low heavy-metal content in terms of standard requirements

This is a cylindrical tablet made under high pressure to provide super-solidity.


Electrolysis for swimming pool:

The salted water passes through the electrolyser, whereupon the salt is transformed into sodium hypochlorite, a powerful disinfectant also known as natural chlorine. The swimming pool water containing the sodium hypochlorite is sent back to the pool where the action of UV will transform the sodium hypochlorite into sodium chloride. The process can start again indefinitely.

Water softening:

Water-softening involves partial or complete removal of the earth-alkaline ions that make hard water. This removal is based on exchange of ions. The ions in the water are held by resin and replaced with an equivalent quantity of other ions. In this specific case, calcium and magnesium ions are replaced with sodium ions.

H2O Clean:

• Chemical formula: NaCl
• Purity: 99,8% NaCl
• Packaging: 25 kg, pallet 80 x 120 (1 tonne)
• Type of salt: vacuum salt (refined salt)
• Dimensions: 25 x 17 mm
• Useful life: 3 years from date of manufacture
• Other: no anti-caking agent
• Mass by volume: 1100 kg/m3
• Dissolution time: 120 minutes to reach maximum density of 1200 kg/m3


Saltwell is a mineral complex with naturally reduced sodium.

-> Clean label

-> Easy to switch

-> Great taste


SALTWELL is a mineral complex naturally low in sodium chloride – only 65% – thereby drastically reducing the sodium content of any foods in which it is used. This mineral complex is a very good ally for considerably improving the Nutri-Score of food products.

The grain also contains 30% potassium chloride, a mineral considered an essential health nutrient by doctors and health authorities around the world. The fact that both sodium and potassium are naturally present in the grain makes SALTWELL unique and explains why its taste and appearance is much the same as regular sea salt, without any bitterness in its flavor.


• Meat products
• Bread
• Marinades
• Soups
• Sauces
• Ketchup
• Chips
• Beverages
• Nutrition bars


Salt is an essential ingredient for all sectors of the Food industry owing to its preservative or flavor enhancer effect.

-> Preservative

-> Flavor enhancer


Vacuum salt or sea salt, Phosphea and its effective multi-sourcing, can propose salt that best suits your sector of activity (meat and cooked meats, sea products, dairy products, snacks, prepared meals, canned food, bread and pastry/pastries, etc.). Phosphea guarantees you quality, safety and traceability.

Nutritional intakes

Marine ingredients are an interesting source of trace elements, proteins and minerals, essential for the body.


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