You are looking for a first dynamic and empowering experience ?
You are looking for a new challenge in an international environment ?
Let’s meet !

1. My application is pre-selected

After having consulted our job offers, internships, apprenticeships, V.I.E, I apply directly online and my application is pre-selected because it matches the desired profile.


2. I meet with recruiters and operational staff

It’s time to show my motivation and my potential to recruiters and to the operational staff of Phosphea.

I also discover what are my career prospects among Phosphea and Roullier Group.

Operational staff, most often future managers, provide me a more precise vision of the job position and the work context.

They look at my technical skills and my ability to adapt among the team.

If I have questions about my future mission or the group, they will be able to answer them.


3. My application is accepted

Once the interview is over, the different persons I have met gather and decide together to retain my application.

It’s the HR representative of Phosphea who contacts me to offer me an employment contract.


4. I am joining Phosphea

I am welcomed by my operational manager who accompanies me in the discovery of the activities of the company in my department, in my job.

The HR department is by my side to facilitate my career path and my integration among the teams.



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