The Roullier Group creates its feed phosphates activity in France
The feed phosphates division is born with the construction of the Roullier Group first feed phosphates plant in Saint-Malo (France).
First exportation abroad
The division begins operations overseas. First in the UK, then in Ireland, followed by other Western European countries.
First international sales of MDCP
Monodicalcium phosphate is offered to export markets.
Launch of Magnesium Phosphate MAG26
The business unit adds MAG26 to its portfolio. This Magnesium Phosphate is highly absorbable by the ruminants and easy to use in premix and mineral production.
The move to Dinard
The future head office is created with the move of the sales teams to premises in Dinard (France) 18km west of Saint Malo. The division is known as Timab Industries.
Operating in Europe and beyond
New markets are reached out beyond Europe as operations start in North Africa and Asia.
First plant in Tunisia: Gabès 1
The company opens its first production plant in Gabès. This new site allows the company to develop its MCP production and to become a major player in feed phosphates.
Fast international expansion
The sales in 13 additional countries in 2004, including countries in the Middle-East, speed us the growth.
Ever more global
The fast pace of international expansion is maintained with the opening of 12 new markets in 2005, including India and South Korea.
Second plant in Tunisia
Gabès 2 plant is built and opened,
further increasing the production of high quality
MCP and DCP.
Over 100 coworkers supporting our development
2008 is an important year for the company as its staff numbers go beyond the symbolic 100 mark to reach a total of 103.
Across the Atlantic
2009 is the year of Latin America. Timab Industries becomes Timab Phosphates and begins sales in Central and South America.
Innovating with NEOPHOS
The company launches NEOPHOS, its first calcium-sodium phosphate. This innovation, supported by the expertise of the Saint-Malo plant, offers many nutritional benefits.
On all five continents
The business is expanded across the world through the first sales in Oceania. 2013 also marks the opening of the office in the United States of America.
No. 1 in Europe
Timab Phosphates acquires the feed phosphates activities of a Spanish company. With two additional production plants in Cartagena and Flix, production capacity is significantly increased, leading the company to European number one position.
Heading for one hundred countries
In 2015, the company operates in more than 100 countries on 5 continents. It is world no. 2 on the feed phosphates market with over 270 employees.
Timab Phosphates becomes Phosphea
Phosphea, a new name for a global expert and innovator. This is the beginning of a new chapter in the company continuing story of providing high quality phosphate solutions for healthy and efficient animal nutrition.
Integration of feed phosphate activities in Prahovo, Serbia
Integration of calcium carbonate activities in Billy, France; lithothamnium calcareum, salt, sodium bicarbonate and urea
Integration of feed phosphate and salt activities in Imbituba, Brazil
Integration of new products, others application including salt and water treatment.
Discover the products: https://www.phosphea.com/other-applications/